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Secured Servers

Data, the institution's most crucial asset, is safeguarded in the most secure, dependable, and rapid servers, ensuring the smoothest user experience.

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Training & Support

The unique selling point of our ERP and services lies in its training and implementation, complemented by immediate support services provided directly by engineers.

smartphone cloud

Acquire your ERP and Mobile Apps under your brand, custom-designed with your rules, for a tailored ERP experience.

User Interface

Discover new horisons

The user interface (UI) serves as the nexus of human-computer interaction and communication in a device, facilitating user engagement with applications and websites. OnMouseClick's ERP features an exceptionally user-friendly, straightforward, and lightweight UI, ensuring a seamless experience for all users within the institution's ecosystem.
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User Interface

Explore uncharted territories

The User Interface (UI) is the focal point for interaction and communication between humans and computers within a device, acting as the medium for users to engage with applications and websites. OnMouseClick's ERP is designed with a highly intuitive, simple, and light User Interface, providing an effortless experience for every user in the institutional ecosystem.
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User Interface

Uncover new frontiers

The User Interface (UI) is the central point for interaction and communication in a device, allowing users to interact with applications and websites. OnMouseClick's ERP is equipped with an easy-to-navigate, light, and straightforward UI, ensuring a smooth experience for all users in the institutional environment.
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How our ERP works

The ERP, encompassing over 40 modules and 300+ reports, is elegantly consolidated into 10+ major categories, comprehensively addressing every facet of an institution, complete with on-the-go services and real-time experience.

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Efficient Communication

Engage with staff and students via various modes of communication features.

Perfect User Interface

User-friendly software results in improved utilization and enhanced outcomes for the institution.

Hours into Seconds

Advanced features designed to transform hours of work into mere minutes or seconds.

Plan. Prepare. Execute

Features enabling timely planning, preparation, and execution of all operations

We deliver awesome tech

The only logic is to identify the problem and deliver the best ever solution.


Six important questions on application


Amazing User Interface Experience's Mobile App is acclaimed for its exceptional user experience, catering to both single and multiple account holders. The Mobile App's UI has undergone testing on over 290 different mobile phones.

Color Selection

The color choices for headings, texts, highlights, reports, etc., are carefully selected to minimize strain on the users' eyes.

Light & Fast

The UI is designed to be so lightweight that it operates smoothly in areas with low connectivity and consumes minimal internet.

Our Pricing Plans

Choose the product that you really need!


per month

Upto 1000 Students No Customizations Mobile App Browser based ERP

10 Modules Student Management Attendance Management Fee Management (with PG) Communications Certificate Management Homework User Management Staff Management Pre-Admission Photo Gallery


per student per month

Unlimited Students 100% Customizations Pure White-labeled Browser based ERP Android Mobile App iOS Mobile App Dedicated Server Dedicated Account Manager Direct Development Team.

  • 40+ Modules
  • 300+ Sub Modules
  • Reports & Backup
  • Third Party Integrations
  • All Payment Gateways support
  • On-Demand development

Group Plan

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Head Office:

  • Master Admin Portal
  • Master Dashboard with summary of all group schools
  • Daily report (school-wise) on E-Mail
  • Master Control with all access
  • Instant common customization
  • Approval based system
  • Customizations as per Head Office

All Individual Schools:

  • All features of Complete ERP

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